Rooftop Solar Power Plant Installation

More and more businesses in India are starting to consider clean energy alternatives to lower their energy bills. within the contribution to low energy bills, we will utilize our un-utilized rooftops to get our own power. within the production of electricity, we generally use coal and fossil fuel which may be a major reason behind Air & water pollution. So, solar power is the best solution for us and for the environment too. Investing money with solar is a good deal.

In sustainable development, we are India’s fastest growing leading solar solutions provider. We have successfully installed solar power plants in huge numbers. The advantage of the rooftop solar power plant is that it will be installed on any sort of roof. So, people don’t get to vacate a land or invest in buying additional land to line up rooftop solar panels. Furthermore, the panels offer protection to the roof of the building during which they’re installed.

Basically solar power plants can be installed in two ways: 1. On-Grid 2. Off-Grid

  • On-Grid – On-grid solar power system is a solar energy generation system where it’s connected to the utility grid. The electricity produced by the system is routed to the grid from where it’s wont to run the varied appliances. the surplus power at any point in time is transmitted back to the grid. An on-grid system is far more attractive than an off-grid system. In an on-grid system, solar energy is produced only the grid is out there. The facility supply gets completely cut-off just in case of the grid outage. Hence, one must depend upon back-ups like DG sets for emergency power supply. the facility pack up happens, mostly just in case of safety and technical reasons.

Working of On-Grid Solar PV System:

Once the solar generation starts, the generated energy is first consumed by the hundreds. Once the load requirement is satisfied, the remaining energy is going to be exported to the grid. The grid by itself acts as a virtual battery taking altogether the surplus energy that has been exported. this is often referred to as banking of energy.

During the night, when there’s no solar, the hundreds can import the banked energy. Similarly, when there’s less generation from solar thanks to cloudy conditions, the specified energy is imported from the grid. At the top of each billing cycle, the export and import billing is going to be calculated and this net is going to be calculated with the assistance of a Bi-directional meter.

  • Off-Grid – Off-grid systems work independently of the grid but have batteries that will store the solar energy generated by the system. The system usually consists of solar panels, battery, charge controller, grid box, inverter, mounting structure, and balance of systems. The panels store enough sunlight during the day and use the surplus power generated within the night. These systems are self-sustaining and may provide power for critical loads in areas where an influence grid isn’t available.

Working of On-Grid Solar PV System:

  1. The facility hub is where the solar rays are converted to electricity to be used or as stored electricity within the batteries. This hub, therefore, manages the flow of electricity.
  2. The batteries are an important component of this technique as they store any excess electricity that’s then used when the solar panels aren’t generating electricity for any reason.
  3. You’ll also choose the backup generator which will provide the facility to recharge the batteries within the event that inclemency or peak demand continues for a short time.
  4. No changes are required to this wiring or other appliances in your home because it is feasible for this technique to mix with the prevailing system. all of your home appliances will operate with the electricity generated.

Additional rooftop solar benefits include:

  1. The sun will always be there to supply us with light; therefore, you would like not to worry about this source of unpolluted and free energy is lost.
  2. You’ll set an honest example with solar systems because they enhance land value and demonstrate environmental consciousness.
  3. When positioned at the right angle, panels will add the sun, rain, wind, and snow.
  4. There’s a misconception that homes must be located within the south to use rooftop panels; they’re proven to figure in every state.

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